SEO and web marketing

For successful web marketing it is important to start with a detailed research and planning to meet the unique goals.

We make your site busy

The methods and tools we use in analysis enable us to use the best strategy for targeting targeted visitors to your website.

SEO – Website Optimization for Search Engines

When it comes to internet search engines it is clear to everyone that it is primarily about the most popular Google search engine and the main source of information on content on the internet.

Websites in some ways have to gain authority to rank better in search results, so search engine optimization is often a longer-lasting process, and detailed research and quality strategies are an inevitable precondition for proper implementation of optimization and for its success.

Our experience, knowledge, and tracking search ranking trends will help your sites take good positions for those keywords that will deliver quality and targeted visitors.

Our SEO optimization methods

We use proven and effective methods for better positioning on the Google search engine

  • SEO research – audit

    We explore and measure the current status and potential of your web pages on search engines, keywords, competition, and various features in your business segment.

  • Website Optimization (on-site SEO)

    We perform detailed technical actions and optimize content on your web pages, which will help search engine algorithms understand the content as quickly as possible.

  • Backlinks

    The links that lead to your site from other quality and relevant locations reinforce site authority, and thus better rank them in search results.

  • Influence of social networks

    Social networks are today a major segment of the Internet. Proper actions can generate additional traffic and boost brand awareness, which directly affects the better ranking of search engine sites

Advertising on Search Engines (PPC – Pay Per Click)

The most popular and most effective targeted advertising service is the Google Ads service (eg Google AdWords). Well-designed and optimized campaigns will target more quality visitors who are looking for what you are offering and economically deploy your advertising budget.

E-mail marketing

Stay in touch with your visitors and customers by enabling them to subscribe to your email newsletter.

By sending interesting actions and news from your offer you will increase customer engagement and profit.

Social network marketing

Social Networks have become a powerful marketing channel for company promotion. Communication with the public and advertising through social networks for particular activities brings special advantages.